(Virtual) Girls’ Night In // SONY Entertainment

If you’re like me you have friends that live alllll over the country! And thanks to the current circumstances, you probably have no idea when you’ll all be getting together again– and it sucks! Whether it’s chatting over drinks, laughing over nothing or dancing while getting ready, nothing really beats a little girl time! That’s […]

Happy Hours @ Home // Sparkling Cocktail Recipe

Evenings at home have gotten a little more interesting! While we’ve definitely started to (safely) spend more time in our community, we aren’t going “out for drinks” nearly as often as we use to. Instead, we’ve been choosing happy hour at home! And with summer ending soon, it’s only fair we try to spend as […]

Shades of Pinck HQ Reveal // Tour of my Home Office

Robe: PrintFresh (Use code PINCK for 15% off) It’s taken well over a year, but I’m finally ready to share the Shades of Pinck HQ with y’all! If you follow my IG stories then you’ve seen little snippets here and there of where I spend the majority of my work day (well any day tbh). It’s […]

Gardening for Beginners // June 10 things

It’s no secret that I’ve used gardening as an escape over the past few months! Not only was transforming my patio into a garden terrace a much needed time consuming project during Covid, it became an opportunity to check in with myself each morning. Caring for (much simpler) living things is such a friendly reminder […]

New Morning Routine // Tour of SoP’s HQ Terrace

At the beginning of the Stay At Home order, I began a little project that I didn’t realize would soon become a major part of my “new routine”.  I’ve been working from home long before the pandemic came along, so quite a while ago I turned an unused room over the detached garage into my […]

Setting the Thanksgiving table with VIETRI

For the first time ever, I’m going to be hosting Thanksgiving Dinner…which is both scary and exciting all at once! I’ve made countless phone calls to the women in my family, asking for advice, finalizing the menu, and asking for them to all make that one dish that they make better than everyone else (…so […]

Safari Suite Reveal + 5 tips for making a guest feel at home

I love when friends + family come visit us! One of the (only) perks of living in a different city than the people you’re closest to is that when they do come they tend to spend the weekend. For the longest, our guest room was pathetic. Not because there weren’t nice, comfortable pieces in it, […]