A Tour of Our Art Collection

So here’s the dilemma, my husband would rather put a TV anywhere there’s blank space– but I would rather display art. Sometimes he wins, but sometimes we do. And since we’re in the process of renovating the question has come up A LOT. So as we figure it out, I figured I give y’all a tour of what we’re adding to modest art collection (aka when art prevails)!

Piece #1: Kyle Brown Jr’s “Six Feet Under”

Kyle Brown Jr.’s Instagram // Website


Piece #2:  Chambers Austelle’s “Pink Palms” Guests

Chambers Austelle’s Instagram // Website // SHOP featured piece

Piece #3: Ment Nelson’s “Cicely Rain Study”

Ment Nelson’s Instagram // Website // SHOP featured piece

Piece #4: Jason Gowdy & Unknown Piece Name

Piece #5: Alexandria Taylor’s “Momo” Girls

Alexandria Taylor’s Instagram // Website // SHOP featured pieces (Momo 2, Momo 3, Momo 4)

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