Update your loungewear!

Chances are you haven’t been choosing any fashionable #ootd’s since the stay-at-home order went into effect last March. If you’re anything like, me you purchased a ton of new lounge sets around that time which quickly became your daily uniform. Fast forward 11 months later and not much has changed. Between working from home, a non-existent social calendar + the fact that temperatures across the country are below freezing, you’re still putting on a pair of sweatpants every single day. But I’m willing to bet it’s probably time to update your collection again.

Looking to feel like less of a bum in loungewear? Choose a matching set! Here are a few that I’m loving right now!

(1) Top; Bottoms // (2) Top; Bottoms // (3) Set // (4) Top; Bottom // (5) Top; Bottom

(6) Set // (7) Set // (8) Set // (9) Set // (10) Set

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