13 Simple Ways to Show Yourself LOVE

I know there’s a lot of emphasis this week about relationships + loving on someone else. But the most important love we show, the most important relationship we have is the one with ourselves. We can’t care for anyone else fully if we haven’t done that for ourselves first.

If you’re anything like me then you have moments when you question yourself, your abilities and maybe even your worthiness. But it’s so important to be steadfast in knowing that you are always worthy. God’s grace shines directly on you + not only does He love you, He believes in you. And if He can forgive you for all your mistakes and downfalls, then you, too, can give yourself a little approval and kindness.

While leaning into your faith when you’re down can bring a sense of content, there are a few other simple things you can do to give yourself a little boost and remind yourself you are deserving of all the good in the world.

Here are 13 Simple Things You Can Do to Show Self Love:

  1. Buy Yourself Fresh Flowers + Create Bouquets– It’s been scientifically proved that fresh flowers equate to happiness. If you know no one will be gifting you flowers this weekend…buy them yourself. Find the prettiest blooms, take them home, and display them in a vase where you’ll see them often.
  2.  Take a Long Walk With Nothing but Your Thoughts– It’s so easy for us to stay distracted. Between social media, texting, emails and even music/podcasts, it’s so easy to keep our mind somewhere else. Give yourself the opportunity to “shut down” by talking a walk in your neighborhood or local park, without your phone, or any other distractions. Spend that time telling yourself why you are worthy instead.
  3. Create a Gratitude Journal for Daily Affirmations– Words are powerful. And if we know we’re over 40% more likely to complete a task if we write it down, then let’s apply that same theory to gratitude + affirmations. If you choose to write those things down, then chances are you’ll have more to be grateful for and find happiness more often.
  4. Reorganize your Room/Closet/Bathroom/Workspace– An organized space equates to an organized mind. Choose a space, or two, and declutter and reorganize. Not only will you benefit once it’s complete, the process can be therapeutic + restorative.
  5. Eat on Your “Nice China”– Stop waiting for the “right” moment to enjoy little luxuries. Don’t wait for that dinner party or that date to have the perfect meal. Pull out your nice plates + cutlery for yourself and elevate a random meal. Remember, you are worthy!
  6. Get Dressed Up, Just Because– Growing up, my aunt had a phrase she’d repeat often: If you look good, you feel good! And though it can be seen as a little superficial, it is true. When you spend a little extra time on yourself getting dressed up, you do feel a little better about yourself, and approach the world differently. Again, it’s just another reminder that you are worthy!
  7. Bake Yourself a Cake– Taking the time to go through all of the steps to bake a cake and then enjoying the fruits of you labor can, oddly enough, bring happiness. I think it’s the feeling of accomplishment paired with the sweet goodness of cake! Often times we take the time to do this in honor of someone else, but you should set some time out to do this for yourself!
  8. Read Motivating Scriptures– It’s amazing how the Bible can bring such joy + a sense of content. Use the internet to find motivating scriptures, so you can know just how loved + how worthy you are. His love is powerful and all-encompassing. Soak it all in until you believe every word.
  9. Try a Workout Class You’ve Never Done Before– Endorphins make your happy! Try bringing them out in a new way by taking a workout class you haven’t ever done before, or maybe didn’t think you could do! Prove to yourself how strong + capable your body is.
  10. Watch Your Favorite Childhood Movie– Give yourself a little nostalgia of pure happiness by watching a movie from your childhood that you haven’t seen in ages. Remind yourself of a time when you had very little worries, or responsibilities.
  11. Take A Long Bath– Soak some stress away in the tub with bubbles and your favorite slow jamz. It’s amazing how giving yourself this time can make you feel lighter, and ultimately, a little happier!
  12. Light a Ton of Candles and Meditate– Very few things set the mood more than candles. The combination of the natural light + the scents really create a special feeling that’s undeniable. Take a night to light a ton of candles in your home when you’re alone and spend some time mediation, reading, or just sitting in your thoughts!
  13. Create A Self Mantra– We should all have a mantra that’s specifically ours, that we say often– especially when we’re down or believing in ourself a little less. Take a moment to create one that inspires you + really speaks to you. Then write it down and recite it regularly.

How else do you show yourself love? Leave a comment here, or send me a DM on Instagram @shadesofpinck.

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