Sergio Hudson: Focused on the Fit Podcast with Columbia Museum of Art

Earlier last month, I sat down with my friend and acclaimed fashion designer, Sergio Hudson, and the entire Sergio Hudson Collections team, Inga Beckham and Charles Lynch in front of a live audience to discuss the exhibit, their journey to success, and what keeps them motivated in a industry that’s so cut throat.

I have spent soo much time diving into the brand’s story and uncovering the moments that transitioned it from a passion to one of top emerging brands in the country. After spending time with them in LA where we rummaged through their studio and I asked about a million questions, I felt like I had a true understanding of “the Collections” and how it came to be, but also the possibilities for its future. And yet, that didn’t make me any less nervous about being on that stage.

I prepared tirelessly for that moment, but when it came what made me feel comfortable was the relationships I had built with each of them along the way. Our live chat lasted over an hour and (thanks to Sergio himself) it was funny, uplifting, and educational.

If you were unable to attend the discussion at the Columbia Museum of Art in person, they’ve recently launched a new episode of their award winning podcast that features the four of us, along with the exhibit’s co-curate, Jackie Adams.

You can listen to it HERE.

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