Summer Baby Items for 6-9 Month Olds

This summer is a big transition for all of us! It’s our first one with Teagan, but more importantly it’s the season where Teagan has made the biggest changes. Long gone are the days of multiple three hour naps, or sitting still in one place. We’ve learned how to stand, pull up, crawl, and even scale furniture so now there’s nothing big enough to slow us down. There’s no doubt to anyone around him that he’ll be walking in just a matter of weeks.

Teagan recently hit the 9 month mark and it really is soo fun interacting with him and including him in our family.  He’s even recently started swim lessons, which he enjoys soo much! With so much changing I’ve had to stock up on soo many new products that make my life just a little easier with him. So I decided to curate a list of the items we use the most this season with hopes that they can play a role in making your first summer with baby great too!!

Here are some of my favorite summer products for babies 6-9 months! 

Minnow x Petite Plume Boardie
Minnow is known as your go-to for luxury baby + kids swim, but their collection with Petite Plum is just cuteness overload.
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Mini Handheld Fan
The South Carolin heat is unforgiving, so a portable fan is a must have. We attach ours to his stroller, take it the beach/lake, and have even used it for ourselves!!
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The Brushies Baby Toothbrush
It's recommended that you start brushing as soon as their little teeth start coming in, but we went through several toothbrushes before I found one that Teagan would actually let me use in his mouth. I swear he even enjoys it.
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Babiators Sunglasses
A summer MUST!! Not only are they so cute but Babiator's sunglasses protect against 100% of UV rays.
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Baby Bum Coconut Shampoo + Wash
I am a huge fan of all Baby Bum products. But especially love their Coconut Shampoo + Wash bc it is made from high quality natural ingredients and has the perfect coconut scent for the end of a summer day.
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Pipette Mineral Sunscreen
This sunscreen is lightweight and made from ingredients you can trust. It even cools and calms baby's skin after a hot day in the sun. Not only can it be used for baby, but for anyone else in the family too!
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Bottle Bungee
The bungee is a great way to keep your baby's bottles sanitized while you're out. Simply attach the bungee around bottle on one end then a steady surface (stroller, high chair, etc.) on the other. That way as he drops it, it won't end up on the ground!
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Toy Straps
Much like the bottle bungee, toy straps also ensure that the items you encourage your baby to put in their mouth stays off the floor. I love these at restaurants or while walking around the neighborhood.
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Lovevery Subscription
We've had this subscription since Teagan was born and we really really love it. Not only does Lovevery send age appropriate toys to our front door that will help with his developmental skills, these toys are built to past down. We also loveeee their play gym. It's been growing with him at every stage and he engages so well with it.
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Bath Spout Cover
This spout cover is a fun way to protect your child from injuring their head on the tub spout while taking a bath.
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High Chair Cover
I personally use this cover in highchairs at restaurants, but it can also be used in shopping carts to keep your baby comfortable (and germ free when they inevitably put their mouth all over it)!
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Baby Organic Bug and Mosquito Duo
The bugs are a nightmare here, so I'm always willing to try anything-- as long as there aren't any harmful ingredients. I recently discovered this brand and it has made the outdoors much more bearable.
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Pool Float
I love to put Teagan in this float and bring him in the pool with us. He can safely float with the family and join in on all the pool fun.
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TotesSavvy Clear Pouch Trio Set
This clear pouch trio set is the gift that keeps on giving. I swear I find new ways to use them every single day bc they make it easy to move around and organize overnight, diaper, or pool bags. I use them for both Teagan + I!
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Wood Frame Jumper
As soon as they discover they can stand, everything changes. They refuse to be held, even if they can't yet hold themselves. That's where jumpers come in! They give babies the feeling of independence, but parents the security of being stationery. Many be advised against the door frame jumpers so I settled on this one bc it matched our living room. Lucky for me, it keeps Teagan's attention for a while too!
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