Martha’s Vineyard Photo Diary

I knowww— I’ve been flooding your timeline with my Martha’s Vineyard content but I can’t help it. Everything about the island is perfection to me! But I promise this will be my last one.. until next summer 😉 I just wanted to share a few of my favorite snaps from our trip that you may […]

Havana.. getting there!

If you have any desire to visit Cuba, NOW is the time to go. President Trump has plans to reenforce a ban of self-directed, individual American tourism in Cuba (read bullet two of “summary of key policy changes” here) within the next few months, which would make it nearly impossible (again) for anyone not traveling there […]

Five star voyages // China Airlines business class photo diary

So if you really want to know why I think flying business class to Asia is well worth the cost you’re going to have to read my article from last week’s NY Amsterdam News! (Shameless self-promotion…sorry, not sorry!) If you’ve read it… here’s a more in-depth look at that experience (which I believe every traveler should have […]

The most spectacular view of Napa Valley

There aren’t very many good reasons to be up and about before the first ray of sunlight has even broken through darkness. Unless, of course, you’ve rolled out of bed to experience Napa Valley from its best angle. In that case, you’ve found more than just a good reason–you’ve found a great one! Nestled in […]

6 Tips to Traveling with Only a Carry-On

If you have ever flown with me, you most certainly know this fact: I do not check bags when I travel. Why? I’m impatient, and I do not trust airlines with my things. If you ask me, checking a bag adds an unnecessary step and stress to your travel because you didn’t make the proper […]