You’ll want these 10 shoes from Zara too!

I have a college professor that would hate me if she read this. One of the things she earnestly tried to drive into our heads that semester was how bad fast fashion was for the fashion industry. She was so passionate about this idea that we spent the first couple of weeks of the course reading Overdressed: […]

Golden Hues // The French Quarter

New Orleans is a city unlike any other. Actually, its more than just a city. Its a sensory experience that takes ahold of your soul and unleashes your inner culinary expert while forcing you to release all inhibitions. Between the ancestral recipes you can find in any eatery, the soulful melody on every street corner, and the eclectic, […]

A weekend in the Mountains

While our Carolina Gamecocks where giving up another W to Kentucky in one of the most embarrassing games in recent memory, I spent this past weekend with my Mom in the crisp mountain air of Asheville, NC! (This has quickly turned into one of those “let’s just beat Clemson” seasons) We began our trip at […]