What I Couldn’t Live Without for my Newborn // October 10 Things

I’ve been a mom for just over two weeks now, so in no way am I going to pretend like I’m some sort of expert. I’ve met several challenges over this short period of time, though, and have had to find my way out of each of them . With intuition and a few key baby products that I’ve been using on repeat,  I’ve managed almost every sticky situation. So, for this month’s 10 things, I’m going to share the 10 things I couldn’t live without for my newborn.

Snuggle Me Organic Infant Lounger
I wish I could have one of these in every room. It's the perfect place for my sweet babe to lay on nearly any flat surface. It keeps him snug safely during those weeks when all they're really doing is eating + sleeping, and the best part is it allows me to be hands-free.
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Design Dua Bassinet
A great option for daytime rest is this bassinet. Not only does it look super chic in our living room, it gives me security while he sleeps throughout the day.
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WavHello Portable Sound Machine
Newborns are so used to the sounds hey heard while in your womb that they really don't like it when it's super quiet. At night when everything is at rest and nothing is making much noise, Teagan would get restless. This adorable little owl allows me to play a variety of sounds + has built-in bluetooth.
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Motif Medical Electric Breast Pump
If you're nursing, you're going to need a good pump! I've made the decision to use an electric pump and this is one that I enjoy using. It's super easy to put together, is low in sound, and has a rechargeable battery so that you don't have to be connected to an outlet to use it.
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Milkmakers Lactation Cookies
If you're breastfeeding then there's no such thing as too much milk, so any help you can get with that-- TAKE IT. One of my besties gifted me these lactation cookies and I'm SO happy she did. Not only do they help with milk supply, they actually taste great. The chocolate caramel sea salt flavor is my favorite.
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Sweetie Pie Organics Lactation Smoothies
Again, no such thing as too much milk or too much help if you're breastfeeding, so I'm also really thankful to have these lactation smoothies for when I’m not in the mood for cookies. These smoothies taste great and I actually felt a difference when I didn't drink them. My favorite flavors are apple pear + mango banana.
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Bump Suit Support Waist Trainer
Ancient techniques called for women to warp their tummies after childbirth to help the waistline return to its size. Studies show that you can begin wearing a waistband as soon as 24-48 hours after childbirth. I've been using this one by Bump Suit since day three and can totally see the difference. It's tight without being too restricting.
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Saltwater Swaddles
If you don't have a collection of muslin swaddles stock up now! I've been using these for every-thing: to swaddle during sleep, as a changing pad if I'm somewhere without one, as a cover for my stroller/car seat, as a burp cloth if I don't have one, and so much more. And then once they're no longer babies, I can use it as a scarf, a sarong, or a ground blanket. You can find them lots of places, but I really love this Charleston-based brand's collection of colorful prints that remind me of home.
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Phillips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer
Trust me, you are going to want a bottle warmer that works FAST when your baby is screaming at 3am. I like this one because it's compact, silent, easy to keep track of warming time, and even warms baby food-- for when we get to that point!
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Everyday mother 6 Month Tracker
Never thought I'd be the person who kept track of every single move another person made, and yet here I am! I bought this journal on a whim one night on IG and by my second night at home I was sooo happy I had it. You think you can keep track of how often a baby eats + poops, but you're bound to forget something if you don't write it down, especially when running on less sleep! And this is the best way to get them on schedule, figure out patterns, and check-in on their well-being.
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