What I Can’t Live Without During My Pregnancy // August 10 Things

It’s hard to believe that in a few short weeks I’ll be holding my baby boy in my arms! I’d be lying if I said my pregnancy hasn’t flown by. I swear it feels like I just found out we were expecting and now, we’re just over 5 weeks out!

In the past 8 months, I’ve added several new products to my life. Some of which I’ve loved, others not so much. But there have been a handful that have truly changed my pregnancy and made such a difference in my journey.

Each pregnancy is different, but these 10 things have helped me and I think they would really help any expecting mother too!

OCCObaby Pregnancy Pillow
I was dealing with so much pain when while laying down, so when I found this pillow with the ledge I just had to try it out. Thanks to this pillow I've been able to sleep much more peacefully. I even made sure I packed it for Europe! I seriously couldn't sleep without it.
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Mommy Matters Support Portable Dual Density Pillow
This is by far the most used pregnancy product I own! Not only do I use this pillow at night in between my legs to level out my spine, I use it all day long whenever I sit in a chair (like in my office, on the couch while watching tv, or even on an airplane). It's small enough to move around with you and it makes such a huge difference with back pain.
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Nature’s Made Prenatal Vitamins
I tried several vitamins at the start of my pregnancy and these are by far my favorite. Vitamins are such a vital part of keeping your baby healthy and helping their development throughout the pregnancy. These include folic acid, iron, vitamin D, and DHA + Omega 3 which is essential to brain and eye development. But the best part is it's tasteless!
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STORQ’s Tank Dress
The most used clothing item of my pregnancy is this dress!! It's soo soft + comfy, but also super chic and very stylish. I have the mint green color, but regret not buying one in every color. And the best part is, it's grown with me and my bump without stretching out or losing its shape... and I'll be able to use it postpartum too!
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STORQ’s Leggings
I've been intentionally avoiding pants this pregnancy, but sometimes they're just necessary and these leggings are my go-to! They are the most comfortable pair I've found this because they're made with the softest, most relaxed fabric. Also, I love that despite the amount of times that I've washed them they haven't faded or shrunk.
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Comrad Compression Socks
For my long flights to Europe, my doctor recommended compression socks as a safety precaution for swelling and blood clots. I've also been told that I'll want them during labor for the same reason. These socks increase circulation and reduce built up stress and tension in my muscles and ankles. And I love the color of these socks by Comrad!
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Corkcicle Canteen
I've felt soo dehydrated this pregnancy. It doesn't matter how much water I drink, I always feel like I need more. But I've tried really hard not to use single-use plastic bottles. This Corkcicle Canteen is perfect because it keeps liquids cool, holds 25 oz, and has a wide open mouth that allows me to easily sip wherever I am. I also love how chic their prints are because it makes me want to carry it around!
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Silky Skin Custard
This product sells out OFTEN so if you can't get it opt for Seven Seven Cosmetic's Stretch Salve!
This by far my favorite product for preventing stretch marks. I came across it on Instagram and there were wayyy too many 5 star review to ignore it. It's a Black-owned business and so far it has not disappointed me (besides the fact that it sells out all the time and she only makes it in small batches). Silky Skin Custard not only reduce stretch marks, but it always reduced itching and is 100% vegan and made of all natural ingredients, including a blend of hydrating oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. I haven't gone a day without using it since I first ordered it!
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Lune + Aster's Skin Tint
Ok so this isn't technically for my pregnancy, but most days I just don't have the energy to put on a full face of make-up. However, that doesn't mean that I don't want to look put together or my best. This product provides the perfect coverage to my skin while blocking out imperfections and leaving my skin glowing. It's extremely light weight, but still makes me feel like I've put forth the necessary effort!
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Show Me Your Mumu Denim Shorts
Being pregnant during the summer is tough and I'd all but written off denim shorts (despite the fact that they're such a summer staple) until I found this pair by Show Me Your Mumu. The elastic sides adjust to your bump and give room for you to move comfortably, and the cut is super stylish and definitely not what you think of when you think of maternity shorts. So, if you're looking for the perfect pair of maternity shorts, I'd be willing to bet that these are the best option out there!
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