18 Dresses to Wear this Easter

Dress: Pearl by Lela Rose

Easter really is a special holiday! I have such fond memories of preparing for this holiday growing up. I’d spend hours and hours over several Saturdays picking out the perfect dress + matching accessories with my mom, grandma, and aunts. And then I’d watch as they’d do the same for themselves. As a child I couldn’t grasp just how significant it was for Jesus to have died for my sins, but there was something about putting such importance on our outfit made the holiday feel different from the rest.

Now that I’m older, I not only fully understand the weight God lifted from us when He sacrificed His only for our sins, but I appreciate it whole-heartedly. Over the past year or so, relishing in His grace has been something that has consumed me– in the best possible way. I am fully aware of how this simple act has saved the souls of any Believer on this broken Earth and it’s only made this holiday that much more special. So as we prepare to celebrate Jesus and His Resurrection, here are a few special dresses for the special occasion.

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