The Gardening Tip I Use All Spring Long

With the weather warming up and spring here, it is the perfect time to start planning your gardening. I personally love this time of year bc I tend to find excuses to spend a lot of time outdoors. I got a head start this year on revamping my terrace and have already updated 80% of the pots on my deck.. My #1 tip for creating an outdoor space you love? Create visual interest by planting multiple plants in one pot.  This is much easier to do if I have a game plan and map it out before arriving to your local nursery. Plus, you have to make sure your plants will make good neighbors. Here are six things to keep into consideration when potting your plants together!

1. Check That Your Plants are Compatible

Believe it or not, some plants are incompatible when it comes to gardening and it is important to check to make sure that they will be able to thrive together in the same pot. I go by the rule of planting like plants together. For example, grow slow-growing plants with other slow-growing plants, faster-growing ones with other fast growers, and plants with like soil types together. It is also important not to overcrowd your pot with too many plants. Two to three plants are plenty to fill a pot and will give your flowers enough space to grow.

2. Pick A Big Enough Pot

Now that you have found a couple of plants that grow compatibly, it is time to consider how big of a pot you should use. Pot size can make or break the lifespan of your plants. I always suggest doubling the size of the pot the plant came in. This will give you enough room to space the plants far enough apart from one another and will ensure that they have enough room to grow together.

3. Water frequently

The frequency of watering is vital to your potted plants. With more than one plant in a pot fighting for nutrients, your soil will dry out quickly. I water mine every three to four days depending on weather conditions. This keeps your plants hydrated and prevents the soil from withering out.

4. Increase Fertilizer and Prune Regularly

As I mentioned above, soil dries out quicker with multiple plants. To prevent this from happening, I start out with more fertilizer. Because you have several plants in one pot, it’s crucial to consider how much fertilizer each individual plant would need on its own and to add enough to compensate for each additional plant. Pruning will also guarantee your plants stay healthy by allowing more airflow and of course, making them look pretty.

5. Keep color in mind

Color is all about the look you are trying to achieve. I like to create contrast but also balance the colors of my plants for a cohesive look. For a more harmonious look, plant one color in different shades. If you are looking for more drama or impact, use contrasting colors. You can always fill in any gaps with foliage as well for color. If you already have certain plants in mind, mix them up with simple plants in ornate pots or use a variety of pot sizes in the space.

6. Have fun with it

Planting and gardening are supposed to be fun! Enjoy the process and the design of your beautiful potted plants. Just like designing a room or a home, planning and designing the look of your potted plants can be an enjoyable and creative process.

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