Bourbon recently opened on Main Street and since I ate lunch during their soft opening I’ve been dying to go back for dinner. So, my best friend and I had a little date at the newest restaurant here in Cola!

The restaurant is tiny, so it’s very easy for every table to be crowded, but I kinda liked it because it gave the atmosphere life and energy. While we waited for out table we sat at the bar and ordered drinks. I had the Bulleit Sour and hated it. I’m usually not a fan of bourbon, but the bartender convinced me that I would like it after I asked her to recommend something sweet. News flash, it was in no way sweet. I hate when severs and bartenders aren’t helpful. (It was however pretty. So it was nice to stare at all night)

Luckily, the food made up for the horrible drink! After seeing tons of dishes on the menu that I would have loved to order, I settled on the Cornbread Stuffed Manchester Farms Quail and it was a great choice!! The stuffed cornbread was a great addition to a traditional dish. It was paired with dirty rice and green beans!

All in all, Bourbon is a great addition to Columbia’s Main Street. I’m sure it will do nothing but add to the new growth this area is beginning to see.




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