Celebrating Everyday Occasions with Tastykake

Over here at Shades of Pinck, we know no accomplishment is too small, so we look for any excuse to celebrate!

We recently pulled out a few Chappywraps and lit up the firepit to celebrate the season change. We didn’t need much else to enjoy the crisp air, but we did include a few packs of Tastykake’s new mini bundt cakes in our daily celebrations. 

With both chocolate chip + strawberry flavor options available, this really is the perfect little sweet treat to reward yourself. It’s soo moist and fresh making it one of the tastiest pre-packaged baked goods out there. If you’re looking to find these mini bundt cakes, they’re at major grocery + convenience store locations nationwide! (Find the closest to you HERE) But if you’re looking for an excuse to indulge in Tastykake’s mini bundt cakes, the SoP team has listed a few options for you below.

Daily mini-celebration excuses:

  1. Cooking a delicious dinner
  2. Having a good day at work
  3. Sleeping in
  4. Seeing an old friend
  5. Making it to the weekend
  6. Buying a new pair of shoes
  7. Listening to a good podcast
  8. Finishing a to-do list
  9. Starting a new TV show
  10. Making it on time to an appointment
  11. Lunch at my favorite place
  12. Promotion at work
  13. Passing a test
  14. Catching up with family
  15. Paying a debt
  16. Having a clean space/house/office
  17. Good weather
  18. A milestone in your life
  19. A good health report from the doctor
  20. Making it to Friday
  21. Finishing a book you’ve been reading
  22. Passing a test that you felt was difficult
  23. Landing a new client
  24. Crossing something off your to-do list
  25. Taking a moment to stop and enjoy the change in season
  26. Finding something you thought you lost
  27. Putting together a super cute outfit you feel confident in
  28. Avoiding a big mistake.
  29. Catching up with a dear friend
  30. Your child reaching a new milestone

This post was sponsored by Tastykake, but all views are my own.

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