Color Crush: Lilac

Does anyone else feel like they go through shopping “phases”!? Like there’s one trend, color, or item you can’t stop obsessing over online? For me, absolutely. That’s why I’m super excited to start posting “curated collections” of items related to a specific theme each week.

Kicking off this series with the color living rent-free in my mind (and in my shopping cart…): Lilac. Lilac is the quintessential spring color, conjuring up fresh blooms, Easter eggs, and berry ice cream. I’ve curated so many crush-worthy pieces like a sassy tiered maxi skirt, little boy’s shorts to match mama, a statement rug, and the perfect headband. Keep scrolling to see my full assortment of favorites!

Maxi Dress//Estelle Glasses//Pan//Headband//Boy’s Shorts//Maxi Skirt//Shirt//Vase//Candle//Canteen//Mini Dress//Rug//Mixer//Earrings//Bath Towels//Pillow Cover

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