Hunter Gatherer

I had one of the best dishes I have had in Columbia in a really long time at Hunter Gatherer. It has probably seriously become my favorite dish from this summer.

I have been told several times that Hunter Gatherer is a place that I really needed to try. I finally did and now I’m only upset that I didn’t try it earlier.

Although we sat outside (it was a great night, we couldn’t resist), I really liked the feel of the restaurant. It is a brick pub, with a bar in center, and a loft like seating area upstairs. The specials are written on a large board and I’ve been told that on some night you’ll even find a live jazz band!

Tonight, I ordered their special (really sad that this dish isn’t always offered). It was a roasted duck served with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach. That ducked was prepared so well that it basically melted in my mouth. I was so impressed.

I want to go back, but I’m nervous because it can only go downhill from here. I now have very high expectations from them…I hope they don’t disappoint me, but I have faith that they will not.

Megan Pinckney Rutherford

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