Impress your friends with this simple 4th of July Cocktail

Firecracker Rosé Spritzer

My parties always seem to have one common trend: carefully crafted cocktails!

Feeding into my belief that no great party is complete without a signature drink, I tend to offer my guests a theme appropriate cocktail upon their arrival.

As 4th of July crept up on me this year I began searching for a drink to serve. I knew I’d be traveling in the days leading to 4th of July so my drink needed to be two things: fabulous, and easy. After an intense Pinterest search I realized I basically had two options. I could either follow recipes for a mundane concoction of cranberry juice and vodka or, I could attempt a difficult layered drink and pray that it came out right. But, since neither of those were really options I was willing to take I took a little inspiration from my outfit (you’ll understand why on 7.4.16) and created the Firecracker Rosé Spritzer.

Rirecracker Rose Spritzer | Shades of Pinck

July’s in Columbia, SC are miserable as the temperature often hits triple digits. Any thing you drink in that kind of heat HAS to be refreshing. Nothing to me (ok, besides water) is more refreshing than Rosé so I used that as my base.


4 oz of Rosé

1 oz of Ciroc© Red Berry Vodka

2 oz of Cherry Limeade Sparkling Water

Fresh lime juice

Diced Strawberries (for garnish)

Blueberries (for garnish)

Pour the rosé, Ciroc© Red Berry vodka, and sparkling water over ice. Add fresh-squeezed lime juice, and throw a few diced strawberries and blueberries on top. See, so simple!

*For added festiveness, pour into a mason jar (because nothing is more American than a mason jar)!

Firecracker Rose Spritzer | Shades of Pinck

Planning to make this cocktail for 4th of July  or any other special occasion (like any random Tuesday afternoon)? Send me a picture! @shadesofpinck #shadesofpinck

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