Your New Favorite Workout Set! // Marysia SPORTCLEAN Launch

Last week I attended my first branded event in over a year! Collection launches and brand awareness parties had become a part of my routine, but last year that was all taken away from me when my social calendar became more empty than it had ever been. So when Leapfrog PR reached out to invite me to a pickleball tournament in honor of Marysia’s new SPORTCLEAN Collection, I was soo excited.

Known for high fashion swimwear made of fine, Italian fabrics, Marysia recently crossed into the ever popular arena of athleisure. But instead offering the same leggings + sports bras that every other brand has, they’ve included their signature scalloped detailing + that soft fabric we’ve all grown to know and love. This not only creates unique pieces that are comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time no matter how hot + sticky you are, they’re reminiscent of vintage, feminine tennis outfits— you know, the ones that made everyone want to play tennis?? Even pregnant, I loved the Serena dress. I wore it to run errands and drive all the way to Kiawah, even after the event was over (which is just proof of how comfortable it is). So, if you’re in need of some new workout gear but aren’t interested in the same mundane pieces everyone seems to offer… I highly suggest you check out Marysia’s SPORTCLEAN collection.

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