New job + monochromatic outfit deets

While in NYC for fashion week, I met with the managing editor of NY Amsterdam News, Kristin Fayne-Mulroy, at a cute little coffee shop in Harlem.

We had chatted a few times through email before about me writing the travel column for the newspaper, but this was my first time meeting her in person. Writing is personal, and I feel like columns are successful when readers feel like they know, and like, the writer. I felt like I needed to show Kristin, in as many ways as possible, who I was. She had already heard my voice from my blog and other pieces, but she had never met me or my personality.

One of the best ways to show someone who you really are is through your outfit. I believe that day I told her I was bold, adventurous, mysterious, classy, and a little fashionable.

At the end of the meeting, she handed me my contract! I had won her over and the opportunity was mine!!

I am the writer of a weekly travel column. Read my first article below…

Shades of Pinck // NYC

Shades of Pinck // NYC

Shades of Pinck // NYC

Shades of Pinck // NYC

Shirt: Tibi // Pants: J Brand (similar here) // Shoes: Aquazzura (similar here) // Bracelet: Hermes // Lipstick: Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

Photos: Laurel Creative

My first travel piece for NY Amsterdam News

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