Pinck Picks // August

Summer may be coming to an end, but you wish list shouldn’t be! Here are a few things I’ll be using (or wanting) this month:


//1// Catch the final memories of summer with an  instant print camera. Sure, they have always been cool, but Fujifilm made them even cooler when the offered them in an array of colors. Capture all of this Summer’s one-of-a-kind moments on film. //2// The summer may be ending, but the temperature is continuing to rise. Finally there’s a humidity friendly concealer that prevents your face from getting oily and shiny during the dog days of Summer. My friends at Pout on Devine Street in Columbia introduced this compact to me and it has quickly become a part of my daily routine. Sometimes, I even substitute foundation for this putty. //3// If you haven’t already, you need to get yourself a pair of long tassel earrings. This new modern design has revitalized an old 60 Mod favorite and my friends at T Marie Designs have the perfect pair. Buyer’s tip: choose a color that you can transition into your Fall wardrobe so you can wear them twice as long. //4// Even if its a little out of your comfort zone, buy yourself a bra worth showing. Trust me, it will come in handy while you’re trying to beat the heat this month. There are tons of ways to show it off, but if you find yourself needing a little inspiration Kendall Jenner constantly finds new ways to make them cool. //5// No beach/pool look is complete without something to shield you face from the harsh sun rays. I can’t get enough of these hats with words hand stitched on the brim. //6// If you haven’t already, buy yourself an off the shoulder dress or top. No need to invest a lot of money on this item, fast fashion sites give you this same look at affordable prices. //7// Most days are spent near water, so make sure you have some fashionable water-friendly shoes! Tory Burch has my favorite and I practically live in them all season.  //8// Your bedroom, office, or living space NEEDS these handmade candles that smell of good wine. My favorite scent is Pinot Nior (shocking!), but I’m also dying to have the champagne scent. My favorite thing about these candles? They’re handmade right in my hometown of Charleston, SC. //9//  Because this season is hardest on your skin, invest in the face cleansing brush of the future. Made to not only cleanse, but also act as an anti-aging device, Luna is bound to change the way you clean your face. I’m dying to have one. The girls at Pout have this as well! //10// Summer may be winding down, but your momentum for getting to the beach shouldn’t be! If you’ve found yourself spending less and less time near the water, let bold swimwear be your encouragement. I love this suit in papaya!

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