Sundresses You Can Wear With AND Without a Baby Bump

Today marks the first official day of summer, YAY! Which means we’ve entered the “no pants zone” here in South Carolina. The days from here until mid-October are going to be hot, humid, + sticky, and the nights aren’t gonna be much better. The idea of putting on pants (especiallynow that I’m pregnant) is null and void. I’ve been choosing to live in dresses throughout my pregnancy and it’s made life a whole lot easier. So I figured I’d round up some of my fave sundresses that would work well with + without a baby bump.

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  1. I like your summer dresses . Glad they are also for those of us without a baby bump as well as those with

    • SOO happy you love them!! Wanted to make sure everyone (with or without a bump) could find something they’d love! Xx