A day trip from Havana

The island of Cuba has a lot more to offer than just Havana. We knew we really wanted to travel outside of the city to see what life was like, but choosing another place became a bit challenging when we realized we could only take a day trip. If you ask locals, Trinidad is really worth […]

Where to snap those post worthy skyline shots // Chicago

Lets be honest, we are all constantly searching for perfect places to take those perfect photos that will make everyone else envious of our experiences! Whats the trick? Find the most beautiful part of the city and get to it during the magic hour (sunrise or sunset). I know Chicago has The Bean, Wrigley Field, Navy […]

Drinks, above the city // Chicago

The Chicago skyline has a particular sparkle when you’re looking out on it from up above. It shines brightest on two occasions: when the sun sets and the great lake reflects onto it, and after dark when each room in every skyscraper plays a note on the musical sheet of twinkles. Coincidentally enough, I found a great spot to […]