Vail, Colorado // City Guide

I haven’t skied in very many locations, but honestly that’s because I feel like Vail is the perfect ski town…and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! While I would love to experience Park City, Utah, Lake Tahoe, and the French and Swiss Alps, I’ve become quite fond of Vail and am never disappointed when […]

Warm winter weather

Weather during the winter in the South is always so finicky. One day it could be 42 degrees and the next will be in the mid-70s. Its ever changing and always so unpredictable. The only way to really¬†prepare is by having a closet full of transitional pieces that you can wear through several seasons. One […]

A super simple winter uniform!

This winter, getting dressed has been surprisingly easy. That’s because I’ve basically just been wearing different variations of the exact same thing (and I don’t feel bad about it at all)! My uniform is so simple anyone can do it. And I promise, its something you can wear just about anywhere! What is it? A […]