Teagan’s Christening

A few months back I began the process of christening Teagan at my home church. After meetings with the deacon and other elders, I completed the course and he was able to take part in the ceremony, but because my home church is nearly two hours from my actual home, finding a Sunday that worked for everyone involved was difficult. And having him christened at this particular church meant a lot to me. Not only was it the church that both my mom + I were christened in, St. James Presbyterian Church is one of the oldest, most historic Black churches in the tri-country area so I really wanted Teagan’s relationship with Jesus Christ to begin there.

But just like I do with every occasion, I wanted to turn this special day into a memorable event for our entire family. So I sent out beautiful embossed invitations to our families, our close friends, and Teagan’s God-parents to set the mood for the day.

Immediate family were asked to join us at our home on James Island, which was less than a ten minute ride from the church. There was a coffee bar set-up and we all posed for family portraits in front Sirena of Aneris Photography’s lens. She did such a great job capturing everyone and I know we’ll cherish these for generations to come.

Both Teagan and I wore very special outfits for the occasion. I wanted something very classic that I would look back on years from now and still love. My look was a vintage set that I found at the Noma Warehouse in the Cottontown neighborhood in Columbia. I paired a lady bag from Pamela Munson, simple gold Jimmy Choo heels, and a gold vintage Chanel chain belt to complete the look. Teagan’s little bubble was just as sentimental. I came across this outfit last summer while I was pregnant and when we took our family trip to Italy. While on the island of Murano, widely known for their lace, I stumbled across it and just had to have it. Didn’t know where or when he would wear it, so talk about Devine timing that it just happened to fit perfectly when we were ready to dedicate his life to Christ!! My mom + grandma found the perfect little traditional dress shoes to go with it!!

Being in my home church with all of Todd’s family and my family and our friends really meant a lot. We didn’t get married at my church so this was the first time something like this occurred. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little choked up while standing at the front of the church next to my husband, holding my baby boy, and looking out to all the people we love dearly. It’s those moments that make life worth living.

After service we all headed downtown where we continued the celebration with a private brunch at Frannie and the Fox. The room is already beautiful and didn’t need much. But I made sure all the tables were decorated with elegant flower arrangements by the ever so talented Salt + Stem. I also displayed a few photos of Teagan, Christian nick nacks I already had around the house, Anne Neilson’s Angels coffee table book, and our family Bible that was gifted to me by my aunt at our wedding.

I’m so thankful to have been able to celebrate such an important milestone in such a beautiful way.

Here are the moments we captured from the weekend of celebration!


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