10 Black-Owned Wine and Spirits Brands // August 10 Things

For this month’s 10 things, we wanted to introduce y’all to a few Black-owned wine + spirit brands that are taking up space in an industry that historically hasn’t seen many.

From Black women pushing the tipping point of the alcohol industry to generations old secrets being revealed, there are tons of Black people influencing the wine and spirits scene. Next time you’re looking to celebrate or just try something new, consider trying one of the below! And if you know a Black-owned brand that you think we should all know about, please leave it in the comments!!

With that being said, here are 10 of my picks for Black-Owned wine and spirits!

Inspired by a love story that broke the walls of slavery, Mermosa is the first Black-owned wine brand in Florida. Founder Desiree Noisette went all in to found this company, selling her own home and using the proceeds to build what has now become a large business selling white wine and rosé across the country.
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McBride Sisters
One could say the McBride sister's path to winemaking was destiny being raised among the wineries of Monterey, California, and Marlborough, New Zealand. While on a trip to California in 2005, McBride Sisters wine was born through a burning desire to revolutionize the industry as fierce forward-thinking women. Since then, the brand has grown to be the largest Black-owned winery in the U.S. selling a mix of red, white, and rosé in bottles and can form.
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Tipsy Lady
Tipsy Lady is your one-stop shop for premium Caribbean-inspired cocktails. Founded in my hometown of Charleston, SC, owner Toni Gilliard (whom I've had the pleasure of meeting) was inspired while touring the rum factories in Barbados and felt a strong connection and urge from her Caribbean ancestors to continue their legacy. The name Tipsy Lady strives to push the tipping point of the alcohol industry into recognizing female ownership. Check out all three of their flavors, perfect for any occasion.
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Brown Estate
Located in the highly esteemed Napa Valley, Brown Estate started as a small abandoned ranch purchased by their parents in 1980. The entire property was completely rehabilitated and planted with grapes to sell to other winemakers. In 1995, they switched to making their wine and bottled their first Brown Zin in 1996. Although its growth has come from slow word of mouth and social media, Brown Estate has now grown to have its own tasting room on the First Street corridor of downtown Napa. If you are into high quality red wines, I would highly recommend trying the wide variety Brown Estate has to offer as it it MY personal go-to red wine for special occasions!
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Uncle Nearest
The secret behind Jack Daniel's iconic whiskey was recently revealed to be former slave, Nathan Green, of Tennessee. Since then his family has founded Uncle Nearest from his knowledge and it has grown from humble beginning on a small local farm to being known as perfecting the Lincoln County Process of making whiskey. Today, Uncle Nearest is known for its uncommon smoothness and character that comes in four different types of batches and has recently opened a tasting room less than a hour outside of Nashville.
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Anteel Tequila
This Premium Tequila brand is twice distilled using a mix highland and lowland agave that is aged for over seven years. This process has made Anteel Tequila unlike any other sipping liquor. It is known for housing the world's only Coconut Lime Blanco Tequila and its Reposado Tequila is rested in whiskey barrels rather than the common white American oak barrels. Since 2019, the brand has won over twenty-five awards and accolades, making it one of the most awarded new Tequilas on the market.
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Ten to One Rum
Owner and founder of Ten to One Rum, Marc Farrell, was raised in the Caribbean as a student of rum. With this background, he developed a deep appreciation for both the heritage and contemporary culture of Caribbean rum. Through Ten to One Rum, he has strove elevate the conversation around rum in the U.S. making the brand something "elevated but not exclusive".
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La Fête du Rosé
La Fête du Rosé truly embodies the culture of drinking rosé everyday in St. Tropez. With this comes lots of gatherings with friends and family or even partying at a favorite beach club! This rosé pairs perfectly with a light snack or Mediterranean meal and will transport you to a sunny day in St. Tropez.
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Maison Noir Wines
Founded by sommelier André Hueston Mack in 2007, Maison Noir incorporates his personal perspective on the subculture of wine. All of the wines are unique garage wines and were initially created for some of New York's best restaurants. However, they have now grown to be available nationwide.
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Red Rose Vodka
Started by entrepreneur and mom of two, Taylor Redd, Red Rose Vodka was born out of creating a legacy for Redd's grandmother. Her own grandmother had also been an entrepreneur during segregation and all though the brand's start was not easy, Redd sold her first bottle of the strawberry lemon flavored vodka in January 2020. The drink is so smooth and flavorful it can be sipped simply over ice. Although this is the only flavor, Red Rose Vodka hopes to expand to more in the near future!
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