Retirement for Creative Careers // Investing in the Stock Market

Are you a creator that has your dream job as your own boss making an income that fits your lifestyle? They promised it would feel good…and it does! But they forgot to leave out all of the things we’d be missing without a paycheck from a corporation. The biggest loss: a retirement account! While your […]

New Morning Routine // Tour of SoP’s HQ Terrace

At the beginning of the Stay At Home order, I began a little project that I didn’t realize would soon become a major part of my “new routine”.  I’ve been working from home long before the pandemic came along, so quite a while ago I turned an unused room over the detached garage into my […]

Full Skin Care Routine // Part 3 of 3

So far, I’ve shared my Ideal Nightly Routine + the routine for quick nights and spot-treating with you. For my final post in this series I’d like to share my favorite routine with you: at home spa treatments! These products are for  those nights (or self-care days) when you have all the time in the world to […]

What makes a Southern Woman “A Lady”? // May 10 things

Not too long ago I decided to try something new on Instagram! I sat down, with a glass of wine, and used the “questions” feature on stories. It was open ended: “Ask me anything!” To my surprise, questions came flooding in…and the mirco-community I’ve built on the platform was curious about things I hadn’t thought […]

Safari Photo Diary // Kruger National Park, South Africa

I know I’m not the only one relying on my past travel experiences to get me through quarantine. My timeline is filled with photos of  vacations all over the world from “the past” (you know..anytime before March!). Who knows when we’ll all feel comfortable enough to take a trip abroad again, so I’ve been digging […]