South Carolina Artists (+ Galleries) You Should Know // July 10 Things

*artwork pictured above by @adam.eddy, a piece for the Gibbes’ 2019 Society 1858 Winter Party* Y’all know how passionate I am about the arts! I love it all: performing arts, theater arts, literature, decorative arts..and of course, visual arts. There’s something about witnessing the expression of a feeling you couldn’t put into words that, to […]

Revive, Refocus, Rest // A week of wellness with THYMES

If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that mental + physical wellness are of the utmost importance. Before we can be of use to anyone else we love, we must first care for ourselves. I know we’ve all been finding our own personal ways to to care for our minds/bodies, but one […]

Shades of Pinck HQ Reveal // Tour of my Home Office

Robe: PrintFresh (Use code PINCK for 15% off) It’s taken well over a year, but I’m finally ready to share the Shades of Pinck HQ with y’all! If you follow my IG stories then you’ve seen little snippets here and there of where I spend the majority of my work day (well any day tbh). It’s […]