5 pairs of chic sneaks you’ll want this season

When choosing a new pair of shoes, I always gravitate towards heels. They’re always sexy, feminine, and fashionable. But the truth is they’re never comfortable so I can’t spend every day in heels. Realistically, you have to throw a few pairs of shoes into your collection that can withstand day-to-day life.

The one style of shoe that can be worn to do just about anything is the sneaker. However, I always have THE hardest time choosing sneakers I can consider fashionable. Every pair I’d see seem to fit better with an athleisure¬†outfit than an actual curated look.

That all changed this season. I’ve found that I’ve started putting a couple of sneakers higher than heels on my list of “things I want”. (Who am I?)

A few months back I found these beauties¬†when Coplon’s posted them on their Instagram.

Coplons instagram
It was love at first sight on Coplon’s instagram page!

I instantly fell in love and had to make them mine. As the season has begun to change, I find myself wearing them more and more. You’d be surprised how often sneakers are the best shoe of choice!

Find a few of my current favorites below. I really want the Sophia Webster’s!


1 // 2* // 3 // 4 // 5

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