5 Tips for a Guest

We talk a lot about hosting, but there are responsibilities of a guest too! Of course the number one expectation is to let loose + enjoy yourself. But a close second is to thank your host for all the trouble they went through to entertain you. Hopefully you’ve had a great time and are full of gratitude, but even if not, here are 5 ways for a guest to say thank you(…and get invited back)!!

1. Don’t arrive early 

No matter how long your host has been planning this occasion, something always pops up at the last minute and chances are they’re down to the wire at the invitation start time.  Give them the grace of 5 minutes– it matters tremendously. You won’t ever want to arrive late, not even fashionably, but not exactly on time is polite too!

2. Bring a small gift 

Nothing says “thank you” like a little gift! Obviously, this gesture is never expected…but it is always nice. And something small is great. Think: wine, a small candle, a bouquet of flowers or even a Scrub Daddy Sponge to help them out later on.

3. Flowers should be vase ready

If you decide to bring flowers as a thank you, pleaseeee make sure they are set up to be low-maintenance. What do we mean by that? Don’t give the host one more task as she’s greeting her guests and entertaining. They shouldn’t be in plastic so that she’s forced to search fora vase, slice open the package, fill the vase with water + plant food, cut the stems to fit the vase…and so on and so forth. If you’re going to gift flowers, it should be in a vase so it can easily be added to the decor. If you don’t want the responsibility of arranging flowers, my friends over at Fern Studio Flowers are always willing to create something special at all price ranges!

4. Help clear the table

Another easy way to say thank you is to help!! If the host is clearing the table after the meal, you should offer to assist is some way. Good friends would even go as far as to help wash dishes, load the dishwasher, or help dry dishes as she washes them! However, if they’ve hired staff for the event allow them to clear the table.

5. Write a thank you card 

A good old fashioned thank you card never goes out of style! If you really enjoyed yourself, take a second to write down how it made you feel or something that happened that you won’t forget and send it snail mail!! Your host will certainly appreciate this kind gesture .We love these Claiborne Swanson Frank x Dogwood Hill notecards for thank you notes.

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