A Spotlight on South Carolina Non-Profits: Emanuel Nine Memorial

This month’s featured South Carolina Non-Profit is the Emmanuel Nine Memorial. To properly honor the five clergy and four church members who were gunned down by a white supremacist at the Mother Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a memorial courtyard was built.

Not only does this memorial honor the spirit and fellowship of the Emmanuel Nine, but also serves as a place of contemplation, communion, and conversation for creating a world where racism and hate do not exist. It invites people of all walks of life to come together for positive change and also serves as an area of quiet reflection and contemplation. The families of the Emmanuel Nine wanted a memorial where people gather to work out their differences, put an end to gun violence, and work toward unyielding kindness and compassion.

The Emmanuel Nine Memorial Foundation is currently fundraising to fund the design, building, maintenance, and protection of the site. The total cost is estimated to be $15 million, which will go towards construction and an endowment fund for the upkeep of the memorial.

Their ask is for $17 on the 17th of every month, but anything you can offer would be greatly appreciated. You can support this memorial here.


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  1. Very nice that a memorial courtyard was built. It is important to create contemplation and communion in order to have a world without racism.



    • Hey Serena! I truly also agree that having a place to gather to discuss + also morn this tragedy is so important.