6 Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck

While baby showers are always joyous occasions, filled with love + anticipation, playing games at a baby shower can often times feel lame. Especially now that baby showers have turned into more of a co-ed event, most traditional games don’t bring the same amount to excitement that they once did.

We recently celebrated our baby shower and I was adamant that we should only play one game. But that one we chose was perfect for the event. It’s soo entertaining and brought out laughs in all of our guests. So it made me think, what are other games that would bring the same vibe? So, we’ve gathered 6 baby shower games that don’t suck that you should try at the next party you host!

1.True or False

This game is super fun + entertaining, but also super easy and can be played by anyone in attendance. Its simple– create 1o facts about yourself and your partner, true or false, and then give each guest a copy at the beginning of the shower to answer. Enjoy watching your guests compete over who knows you best!

2. “Don’t Say Baby”

Honestly this is one of the most traditional and well-known baby shower games. It’s simple, but makes the competitive side come out of everyone as they try to find different ways to outsmart other guests. The only rule of the game is: DON’T SAY BABY. Give each guest 5 clothes pins and for each time they say that magical word they lose a pin to whomever they’re talking to. Who ever has the most pins at the end of the event wins!

3. Ice Ice Baby!

Want a fun game that doesn’t require much work? Ice Ice Baby is the perfect game to do so! All you need is an ice tray and enough plastic babies for your guest list. Fill the ice tray with water + plastic babies the night before the event and when you serve your guest a cocktail or any other alternatives, make sure to give them a special baby cube. The guests are forced to pay attention to the slowly melting ice cube in their glass through out the event. When it finally melts, they must shout the words ” My Water Broke!” before anyone else to win the game.

4. Diaper notes

For a game that will last past the event + give you an extra boost of confidence during those late nights when you’re changing your baby, ask your guest for a few quick baby notes. This game is perfect for those on a budget, because all you need are a few diapers and permanent markers! Let your guests write down some encouraging messages, advice, or something ridiculously funny on a diaper for you to read later.

5. Nursery Rhyme Knowledge

Test your guests memory and see if they can remember some of their favorite nursery rhymes as a child. This quick quiz is easy to play and everyone can take a guess at the answers. You can find a printable quiz online or create your own! If you create your own, you can find some unique ones that can’t easily be guessed or share some of your favorites from your childhood to shares stories.

6. Diaper Surprise

If your guests are fans of chocolate bars, then their chances of winning this game are fairly high! Grab a few of your favorite chocolate goodies, a few diapers, pen +paper, and some guests who aren’t afraid of things that look like poo. Before the event, melt down a variety of well-known chocolate bars or treats in the microwave and added one each one to a diaper. At the event, make everyone guess which brand of chocolate candy is in each. Whomever has the most correct answers wins!

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