Try This Easy Hack To Fill Your Home with Flowers

If you’re like me and love blooms, I have a simple solution to help you incorporate them throughout your home without breaking the bank.

Flowers brighten a room and add a sweet touch to any area. I like to think of it as “adding a little life”! But grand vases and giant bouquets aren’t always a great option. Not only can they be costly, they only add something to one specific space. And once they die, you have to throw the entire thing away– which can feel like such a waste.

Sometimes, all you need is something a bit more subtle. Whether you’re living in a tiny New York apartment or a large open home in the suburbs, this easy hack will make surrounded yourself with flowers so much easier.

What’s the hack? 

Purchase several “bunch” varieties for $25-$30. I typically choose a mixture of large blooms, small blooms, “filler” flowers, and greenery. Then, fill bud vases with a couple these stems. That simple!

Not only do you get more for you buck, you can spread them out around the house in unexpected spots: you guest bathroom, your bedroom, your foyer, your closest, in the living room– ANYWHERE! The best part is, as stems die you can remove them without have to get rid of the entire arrangement.

Here are some bud vases I love that would look great in any home:


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