Fall Infused Sangria // Easy Seasonal Cocktail Recipe

Looking for an easy way to enjoy the flavors of the season? Try re-creating this super easy sangria for your scary movie marathon, pumpkin carving party, or just a quiet afternoon on the porch taking in the cool air.

What you’ll need:

  1. 2 Bottles of your Favorite Full Body Red Blend (no need to get anything expensive)
  2. 1/2 Cups of Triple Sec
  3. 750 ML of your favorite Brandy
  4. 1 3/4 Cups of Apple Cider
  5. 1 Cup of Orange Juice
  6. Juice from 1 Large Lemon
  7. 3 Large Apples sliced
  8. 2 large oranges sliced
  9. Half of a lime + half of a lemon sliced
  10. Cinnamon sticks
  11. Sparkling water
  12. Dispenser for Serving

Fall Sangria Recipe:

  1. Slice fruits
  2. Pour wine into dispenser
  3. Add Triple Sec, Brandy, Apple Cider, and Orange Juice. Stir!
  4. Add the juice from 1 large lemon. Stir!
  5. Dump your sliced fruits into the mixture (save some for garnish). Stir!
  6. Add cinnamon sticks to mixture.
  7. Stir, then let this refrigerate for at least 8 hrs
  8. Add ice to a glass, pour sangria, top off with sparkling wine, and garnish. Enjoy!

Pro tip: The longer you allow ingredients to sit together, the better. Overnight is ideal. Also, lemon + lime rinds can cause sangria to taste bitter. Be sure to remove those from the mixture if you don’t finish it all the day after!

Top: ASTARS // Shorts: Show Me Your Mumu

Did you re-create this seasonal cocktail? Tag me on IG + tell me what you think @shadesofpinck!

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