Freshe Poke // Huger Street

Late last year a new restaurant opened on Huger Street. And thanks to its crisp white exterior and massive street-front windows, I couldn’t help but notice it every single day I’d drive pass. But what was less obvious to me was what exactly they were offering.

Almost immediately after exterior renovations were complete, the name of the restaurant was reveled in large pastel letters (in a rather modern font) that read “Freshe Poke”. Now, I don’t know about y’all …but I had never tried poke. The idea of making raw fish anything more than an appetizer didn’t really appeal to me so I kinda just wrote it off.

But luckily, a friend of mine convinced me to try it yesterday (in honor of his birthday). And after my first bite I was hooked! But before I could realize how much I loved it…I had to make the hardest decision — decide what I would order.

My friend had been before, but his recommendation wasn’t a combination of flavors I thought I’d enjoy I had to fend for myself. After reading through the ingredients of each signature bowl option I decided on the freshe classic over brown rice –, I played it a little safe …but I was SO satisfied with my choice.

The freshe classic is just: raw salmon and ahi tuna, sweet onion, green onion, edamame, and cucumber mixed in house shoyu sauce (the house sauce that tastes almost like a sweet soy sauce), topped with pineapple chunks, seaweed salad, and onion crips. (Changes I made to original recipe: no cucumber, extra shoyu sauce, and a side of raw crab meat)

What I was most impressed with was how fresh the ingredients (the raw fish + the fruits/veggies) were. I enjoyed it so back, that I actually went back today… and got the exact same thing! I’m a creature of habit, so I’m not sure how long it will take me to try a new bowl…but I am certain that I’ll probably be back next week for another freshe classic bowl!

Find their menu + more here!





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