How to get Your Fridge Organized

It’s officially March — which means it’s time for spring cleaning. One of the most forgotten-about areas for organization in my life is one we use most: the fridge. Our fridge is basically a revolving door of food for two middle schoolers, a baby, two parents, and the grandparents and friends cycling through our house. Simply put: it’s a lot going on.

I made it my goal to get everything organized so the boys can easily find a snack and I know exactly what needs to go on my grocery list. I feel so much better opening my fridge now that I can see and access everything easily! Below you’ll find the storage containers that made it possible.


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  1. Did you take out the bottom drawers to store the milk at the bottom? Or is that how your fridge is designed? It looks great.

    • That’s actually just how it’s designed, which I hate bc it’s the only place drinks can stand (even thinest bottles), so it doesn’t give me much freedom! LOL