How to make an authentic Cuban mojito!

Without a doubt, the national cocktail of Cuba is the mojito!

No matter where you go you will be offered one, and as you walk around you’ll notice that EVERYONE has one in hand. Before my trip to Havana I wasn’t a big mojito drinker, but I lie to you not, the mojitos in Cuba really do taste a little better. Their secret? Their sugar! Its pure sugar, not that granulated stuff that we have to settle for.

While on my tour with Havana Tour Company, our guide took us to their private rooftop where they taught us how to make a mojito the Cuban way. Its super simple as you’ll only need 6 ingredients.



  • a handful of mint leaves
  • a lime cute into wedges (without the center)
  • sugar (even if  you can only get your hands on granulated sugar)
  • white rum (they always choose Havana Club, but you can use Bacardi)
  • sparkling water
  • ice



  1. In a tall glass add two spoons of sugar, just the juice from the lime wedges, and a handful of mint leaves (the mint should fill the glass)
  2. Use a muddler to crush the lime juice and mint leaves over the sugar
  3. Fill the cup with ice, then pour in sparkling water
  4. Add rum to the top of the glass
  5. Finally, stir mixture with spoon..then garnish with lime and straw

Ta-da! You’ve got yourself one authentic Cuban mojito. Enjoy!



Megan Pinckney Rutherford

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