A Spotlight on SC Nonprofits: Midland’s Fatherhood Coalition

This month’s featured Nonprofit is Midland’s Fatherhood Coalition. As a part of the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families network, this organization offers free community-based services and support for families and fathers in the greater Columbia area. They hope to empower Midlands Fatherhood Coalition fathers trying to rebuild their lives and their families. As someone who didn’t grow up with their father, but has had the opportunity to watch my son interact with his father daily I understand the importance of this relationship, firsthand.

Some of this organization’s services include support groups, connections to other services for fathers to meet their responsibilities as a parent and secure parental rights, job coaching, and employment networking. Additionally, they have a nurse practitioner on staff who assists with health education, screenings, and individualized treatment to keep dads healthy.

This organization is not only vital to fathers but is also making a difference in many children’s lives. Children with engaged and present fathers are more likely to graduate from high school, less likely to go to jail, and better positioned to be good parents in the future.

Not only does Midland’s Fatherhood Coalition benefit fathers and children, but also taxpayers. In 2018, fathers participating in the organization paid more than $850k in child support and saved over $3.47 million in taxpayer incarceration costs through Jobs Not Jail, an Alternative to Incarceration Program that gives Family Court judges another option to jail time for fathers.

There are several ways you can help Midland’s Fatherhood Coalition!

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