National Hydration Day in the Hamptons With Jovē

Did you know today is National Hydration Day? Now that it’s officially summer (especially here in the Hamptons!), it’s nice to head outdoors and enjoy the warmer temperatures. But this is also the time of year where we have to be more cautious about keeping our skin hydrated. Not only does non-hydrated skin make us look older, and more tired…it can be the catalyst for other health problems.

While on vacation we’ve been taking advantage of the season with long walks and days on the beach, and I’m making sure to always keep a bottle of Jovē Alkaline Water with me. Keep reading for a few ways to keep your skin stay hydrated this summer:


5 ways to keep your skin hydrated this summer:

1. Drink Jovē Alkaline Water


Jovē takes an inside-out holistic approach to skin and cellular health. Not only does their alkaline water taste great, but it is clinically shown to support hydration. Jovē is free of BPA & BPS, sugar, calories, fluoride, and artificial flavors, but what I love most about their water is its beauty benefits. With just a one-liter bottle of water a day, you can see your skin become more supple, your complexion improve, feel more energy, and even sleep better.

2. Wear sunscreen

This may seem like the most obvious solution to protecting your skin, but it’s one many people overlook– especially African Americans. It doesn’t matter how much melanin you have, or if “you’ve never burned”, sunscreen is an important step to ensuring the overall wellbeing of your skin and keeping it moisturized.

3. Use Face Mist

One of the best summer beauty secrets is face mist. Discovering this product will keep your face feeling refreshed, hydrated, and its absolute best doing long hours in the sun. The best part is the bottles are typically small so they can be easily packed in a purse, beach bag, or diaper bag.

4. Eat Watermelon

Including foods that are naturally filled with water, like melons, to your diet is an easy way to stay hydrated. By simply eating, you’ll have an additional opportunity to up you water intake and feel your best in the sun.

5. Wear a hat

When all else fails, retain the moisture in your skin by hiding behind a big straw hat. The shade will help prevent the sun from soaking up the water in you skin and you’ll be left looking fabulous!

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