What You Actually Need When You Bring Home Your Newborn

Bringing a newborn home and beginning your new day-to-day life is no small task. The day I brought my son home, I quickly learned that I was underprepared. Even after spending hours on my registry, and recieving sooo many generous gifts from our village, my husband still had to run out to pick something the day we arrived home! Throughout my whole pregnancy, no one had laid out for me what exactly was essential for those first couple of weeks. So, that’s what I want to do for you! The 6 products are a few of the things you need on your first day home from the hospital that you may not have thought about!


A Diaper Pail
Having a diaper pail is essential for keeping the smell of dirty diapers contained and saving you time from running back and forth to the trash can.
A Changing Pad Setup
I don't need to tell any of you boy moms this but... baby boys pee everywhere! That's why I quickly realized that I couldn't keep changing Teagan on our bed like I planned. That's why a changing pad is your best bet.
Pre-Sanitized Bottles
As a mom, I've learned even my best-laid plans could get derailed. Although I planned to solely breastfeed Teagan, he sometimes needed a bottle. When this happened for the first time, it was the middle of the night and I realized I hadn't even sanitized the bottles yet! Prepping these in advance will save you if and when the time comes.
Pre-Washed Clothes
Washing your baby's clothes in baby senstive detergent in advance will ensure that your baby is ready to put on all of those adorable outfits that have been sitting on shelves for months. And trust me, you'll be changing their clothes 4-5x a day, so it's best just to have everything ready!
Of course, you need a place for your babe to sleep and a bassinet is perfect for those early days when you want to keep them close but safe. There are a TON of options, but everyone raved about the SNOO so I tried it and am soo happy I did. Though very expensive, it gently rocks your baby all night and has a built-in white noise machine.
Pre-Washed Swaddles
Swaddles give your newborn the feeling of being cuddled, helps regulate their temperatue, and allows them to sleep longer because it contains their limbs. Needless to say, they're essential! I had about a dozen so I could easily grab another when he soiled one. This brand had my favorite prints as they're designed from hand paintings.
Angelcare Bath Support
Bathing a newborn can be a little scary. Those first few days they seem soo fragile and when they’re slippery it can be easy to lose control. I worried about bathtime until I started using this baby tub. It cups baby comfortably, while griping them and keeping them in place. I also love that it’s perforated so you an pour water over them. Just be sure to fill the tub up enough so that their body is in water!
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  1. I am about to be a mom for the 2nd time in July but my children will be 24 years a part so this was a GREAT reminder! I literally asked someone recently if people still use separate detergent for washing baby clothes because it’s been a minute;) It will also be a boy this time around so everything will be new in that sense as well.

    • OMG congratulations!! I’m soo excited for you. I know you know you’re in for quite the ride.. but also the greatest joy! SOO happy this could help you. Xx Meg