Classic Movies to Get You Through Halloweekend

Love Halloween, but planning to keep it low key this year?! If you don’t see the point in dressing up to just sit at home, or if aren’t in the mood to brace the much cooler weather we’re experiencing, you don’t have the abandon the holiday completely. Grab a friend or two, your favorite Halloween […]

(Virtual) Girls’ Night In // SONY Entertainment

If you’re like me you have friends that live alllll over the country! And thanks to the current circumstances, you probably have no idea when you’ll all be getting together again– and it sucks! Whether it’s chatting over drinks, laughing over nothing or dancing while getting ready, nothing really beats a little girl time! That’s […]

The Nickelodeon // Absolutely Fabulous: The Film

What do you get when you mix British accents, designer clothes, lots of alcohol & drugs, and two former wealthy older women?! An absolutely fabulous scandal, of course! I found myself laughing hysterically at a trailer for Absolutely Fabulous a couple weeks back. After doing a little research I soon realized that it was a film […]