What is PINCK Summer?

Since teasing our latest series a couple weeks back, many of you have trying to been figuring out what exactly is PINCK Summer. And now I’m excited to finally share!!

I spent last summer in my second + third trimester, and while I was fully embracing and enjoying that phase of life— it made for a very unconventional season. While most women were living their “hot girl summer”, I was preparing to welcome new life into the world and my priorities had shifted completely.

Fast forward a year and I feel like a completely different person. I’ve started to hit my groove as a mother, I’ve started feeling like “the old me” again, I’ve accomplished soo many milestones with my business and am just in a place in life where everything feels right. I don’t feel like I’m guessing. I don’t care about other people’s opinion about me. I feel confident and sexy! I feel like the woman I’ve always wanted to be. Which is how and why PINCK summer was developed!

It’s really just an attitude! The feeling of being secure with who and where you are. Recognizing all the hard work you’ve put into yourself and what the universe has given you in return!!  And remembering to celebrate even the smallest of milestones. In a nut shell, PINCK summer is an opportunity to celebrate you!! And I couldn’t think of a better year to bring this into existence than the one where I launch new designs I’ve been working on for almost a year, commemorate my three decades around the sun, and reach the most humbling milestone of being a mother for one complete year!

Want to get the PINCK Summer look? Here are 6 scarvesdresses, and sunglasses to get the style for yourself. Don’t forget your scarfcan be styled many ways and that you can’t go wrong with a pink mini dress + chic pair of sunnies.







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