#tbt my Miss USA journey

It’s Throwback Thursday AND Miss USA is this Sunday so of course today’s post is dedicated to my experience on the national stage! This time last year I was in Las Vegas representing my home of South Carolina at the Miss USA pageant. Being Miss USA was something that I had dreamed of since I […]

Talk Derby to me!

It’s that time of year!! I had miss to Carolina Cup this year due to a conflict so when all of my friends (whom have all graduated and moved away from Columbia) invited me to Queen’s Cup in Charlotte, I wasn’t going to miss it for the world. And for the record, growing up sucks. […]

Grits and Groceries

  I’ve been slack (real slack, I know) with my posts! Life got in the way so now I will be playing catch up with all that I’ve been up to. Up first, food…typical! I recently discovered the apple turnover of all apple turnovers during a trip to Greenville at Grits and Groceries located in […]

A Need for Speed

Don’t let the heels and manicures fool you… this Southern girl is always down for a little adventure! (By a little, I mean a lot) This weekend I went 4-wheelin for the first time since like middle school at Carolina Adventure World with some friends!! We went on a 20 something mile ride on over […]

Walking away pics

Guess what day it issss, guess what day it issss… THROWBACK THURSDAY! Who doesn’t enjoy the day dedicated (every single week) to your timeline’s surplus of everything from baby images from the 90s to pics of events that happened way too recently to be considered “a throwback”. At any rate, I enjoy participating every so […]

Welcoming Spring with new shoes

Happy first day of Spring, everyone! For the last 6 weeks I have been impatiently waiting for both the new season and these new Aminah Abdul Jillil Pink Bow Heels… This winter was a rough winter to say the least. The entire country has been waiting for the snow…and the ice…and the cold to let up. […]

Day at the Columbia Zoo

After a successful carnival themed first birthday party, Bre and I decided to take Ariel on her first zoo adventure to meet the real animals. Needless to say, two 20-somethings were much more excited to see giraffes and elephants and snakes (ok no, not snakes) more than a one year old. We’re so grown up! […]

NYFW- F/W 2014

I had the pleasure once again this season to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC Last September (S/S 2014) was my first time ever attending a show “in the tents”. It was a magical experience, one that I had waited my entire life for, so when the opportunity presented itself once again I did […]

Winter Wonderland… dirty South edition

While most of the country doesn’t even blink at 2 inches of snow, Columbia, South Carolina completely shuts down. Literally! Being that I’ve lived in South Carolina my entire life I’m not the best at dressing for cold weather so I chose to stay in my apartment (in sweats) for most of the week. However, […]