Fall Infused Sangria // Easy Seasonal Cocktail Recipe

Looking for an easy way to enjoy the flavors of the season? Try re-creating this super easy sangria for your scary movie marathon, pumpkin carving party, or just a quiet afternoon on the porch taking in the cool air. What you’ll need: 2 Bottles of your Favorite Full Body Red Blend (no need to get […]

Stay cozy this fall with these 8 things!

Ahhh, fall! Everything about this seasons makes my soul happy! The weather begins to cool, the leaves begin to change color and in a matter of weeks the entire world feels like a completely different place– allowing you, too, to reinvent yourself. Who doesn’t get the urge to redecorate their entire house, or switch out […]

Happy Hours @ Home // Sparkling Cocktail Recipe

Evenings at home have gotten a little more interesting! While we’ve definitely started to (safely) spend more time in our community, we aren’t going “out for drinks” nearly as often as we use to. Instead, we’ve been choosing happy hour at home! And with summer ending soon, it’s only fair we try to spend as […]

The celestial event of the year

For months all anyone in Colatown could talk about was The 2017 Eclipse. Actually it felt like as soon as 2017 began talks of how Columbia was one of the few “major cities” to be in the direct path of totality (and slated to have the longest period of darkness on the East coast) began to […]

Let’s Flamingle! // My 26th

This past Sunday was my 26th birthday, and (just as I do every other year) I did my best to turn that day into a full on event! Over the years my friends have come to look forward to my birthday party theme–which is nice because I really do put a lot of thought and effort […]

Drinks, above the city // Chicago

The Chicago skyline has a particular sparkle when you’re looking out on it from up above. It shines brightest on two occasions: when the sun sets and the great lake reflects onto it, and after dark when each room in every skyscraper plays a note on the musical sheet of twinkles. Coincidentally enough, I found a great spot to […]

The Riverwalk bar worth stopping into // Chicago

A great view, a list of pretty much any type of wine/liquor you can think of, and great music….what more could you want on a summer day? If you plan on visiting the Riverwalk, make sure you make time to stop into City Winery! Not to be confused with their actual restaurant location on West Randolph, […]

Impress your friends with this simple 4th of July Cocktail

Firecracker Rosé Spritzer My parties always seem to have one common trend: carefully crafted cocktails! Feeding into my belief that no great party is complete without a signature drink, I tend to offer my guests a theme appropriate cocktail upon their arrival. As 4th of July crept up on me this year I began searching for […]