Fall Social Distancing Bucket List // October + November 2020

The temperature is starting to cool in The South, so it’ s hard not to have fall on the brain! Of course, we’re forced to re-imagine the ways we celebrate this season change– but there’s still plenty to do! Below you’ll find my list of social distancing activities that I’m making a point to get […]

Safari Fall Festival // Eudora Farms

This morning we noticed that a mini pumpkin had grown on our pumpkin vine in the backyard. Though is was adorable, it wasn’t going to do much for decorating the house, so we took advantage of the gorgeous, chilly fall weather and decided to go in search of a few pumpkins for the season. After […]

Dinner at Dracula’s castle // Gala SZN

You can expect one thing from Halloweekend every year…the Columbia City Ballet will perform their hit original ballet, Dracula! This year, following the Friday night performance at the Koger Center, the company hosted a fundraising black-tie gala next door at the newly built Darla Moore School of Business. Guests left the performance and walked straight […]

The best Halloween glam I’ve ever had!

I absolutely love Halloween!! I live for excuses to get dressed up and be around people that are obsessing over their outfit as much as I am. Halloween is that night, except on steroids because it allows –no encourages– everyone to go as over the top as they possibly can! Every year I tell myself I’m […]

Asheville day trip // Just another reason why I love October

October is by far my most favorite month of the year! I love everything about it: watching the leaves change color, rediscovering my fashion favorites that have been buried in a box for the past 6 months, and everyone’s insatiable need to be outdoors since they know that in a few weeks it will be […]

South Carolina State Fair

  October is my absolute favorite month of the year! Yes, over both December and my birth month of June. It always has been and I’m pretty sure it always will be the month that gets me so excited. In October, the leaves change, the temperature begins to fall, I celebrate like 12 birthdays, everything […]