You’ll want these 10 shoes from Zara too!

I have a college professor that would hate me if she read this. One of the things she earnestly tried to drive into our heads that semester was how bad fast fashion was for the fashion industry. She was so passionate about this idea that we spent the first couple of weeks of the course reading Overdressed: […]

70s flare ala DVF // NYFW

What do you wear when you’re about to meet royalty? If they’re a designer you should probably wear something they created. Unfortunately, all of the DVF pieces I own are more functional than they are fabulous (at least not fabulous enough to meet her in)…I don’t own any vintage DVF pieces. So instead, I decided […]

A night with the queen, DVF // NYFW

The New York Fashion Week event I had been looking forward to the most was my evening with Diane von Fürstenburg! DVF is a former princess, turned designer, turned fashion icon! Shortly after marrying then husband, Prince Egon of Fürstenberg, Diane began designing women’s clothing.  In 1974, she introduced her knitted jersey wrap dress and was […]

Fully beaded & fabulous // NYFW

Day two of NYFW was by far my busiest day. For that reason, this was both the best …& worst outfit I could have chosen to wear. All day, we were in and out of various venues, crossing paths with some of the most powerful people in fashion, not to mention dozens of sidewalk paparazzi. […]

Day 2 // NYFW

The day started bright early with John Paul Ataker’s 10am show at the Skylight at Moynihan Station’s Dock space. John Paul Ataker is an Istanbul-born house that was first established as a custom tailor shop. Three decades later and the label has emerged as Hollywood’s go-to for luxury craftsmanship, unique fabrics, and “ready-to-wear” couture.   When […]

Day 1 // NYFW

Ok, sure it wasn’t technically day one since New York Fashion Week had begun the week before, but Monday September 12th was when I arrived so for all intents and purposes it was Day One. *** I’m proud to say that I have a couple NYFWs under my belt. I may not be a Bryant Park […]

Vintage Trunk Show @ The Blake // Columbia

Sometimes, happy hours don’t take place in a bar. They’ll take place in some fabulous, old woman’s closet while you try on pieces from every last one of the past decades. Yesterday’s happy hour was basically that. Except instead of being in some fabulous, old woman’s closet…I was in the new swanky womenswear store on Devine […]

The doughnut worth a wake up call // Chicago

When I heard there was a little doughnut shop in Chicago that had over an hour wait in the mornings, I was instantly intrigued. Like most proud Americans, my love for doughnuts dates back to my childhood. But the truth is, I’ve never had artisanal doughnuts. The extent of my doughnut knowledge comes from Krispy Kreme when the […]

The local designer brand that’s blowing up // Chicago

Azeeza Khan is creating quite the name for herself in the fashion world. Since leaving corporate America in 2012 (she was the Advertising Creative Director at BP Oil), her brand has already hit several major milestones. For starters, her designs were picked up to be sold by Barney’s New York earlier this year. They even featured her […]

“I’ll take a Michelin star (or 2) for lunch, please…” // Chicago

Have you ever wanted to try a prestigious Michelin starred restaurant, but didn’t want to pay the hefty price tag that comes with it? If so, your best option is to try to get in for lunch! Although it will still be way more expensive than a Chick-fil-a sandwich combo, it can end up being […]