Boxed wine + tanlines

I hope all of you are having a great week so far! I’ll be honest. My week hasn’t been very productive. I’ve been anticipating this weekend’s trip so much so that I haven’t gotten much done. That’s why earlier today I decided to give in to procrastinating until next week, and welcomed the holiday a tad […]

Party like its 1980-something!

This past week I attended my very first Free Times party…and it did not disappoint! Once a year the weekly publication compiles a “Best of Columbia” list awarding everything from the best liquor store to the best late night food spot. Winners are chosen based on the votes of average SodaCitizens and each year I’m introduced to […]

The celestial event of the year

For months all anyone in Colatown could talk about was The 2017 Eclipse. Actually it felt like as soon as 2017 began talks of how Columbia was one of the few “major cities” to be in the direct path of totality (and slated to have the longest period of darkness on the East coast) began to […]

Shopping trip in the Queen City

It’s no secret that the shopping in Columbia is a little… well, substandard. Sure, you can find a few great local retailers throughout the city… but what Columbia is missing is a really good mall. Richland Fashion Mall is a joke since more than half of it is vacant, Columbia Mall is ratchet AF, and […]

What you need to know before traveling to Cuba

I wanted to conclude my Cuba series with a few notes that may be helpful before you travel to Cuba for the first time. I’ve also shared a photo diary of a few more pictures that you haven’t already seen! The island of Cuba has three international airports located throughout the island, but I recommend flying […]

A day trip from Havana

The island of Cuba has a lot more to offer than just Havana. We knew we really wanted to travel outside of the city to see what life was like, but choosing another place became a bit challenging when we realized we could only take a day trip. If you ask locals, Trinidad is really worth […]

How to make an authentic Cuban mojito!

Without a doubt, the national cocktail of Cuba is the mojito! No matter where you go you will be offered one, and as you walk around you’ll notice that EVERYONE has one in hand. Before my trip to Havana I wasn’t a big mojito drinker, but I lie to you not, the mojitos in Cuba really […]

Chanel approved transportation!

Last summer, Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel rocked the fashion world when they premiered their 2016/2017 Cruise (aka resort) collection through the streets of Havana. For a little less than a week the fashion industry’s glitterati descended upon Cuba a mere year after President Obama restored diplomatic relations with the former Communist country. Guests were chauffeured to the […]

13 things that should be on your Havana #bucketlist…

Like most metropolitan cities, you could spend weeks in Havana and still not scratch the surface of what it has to offer. But if you only have a short amount of time in the city (like I did), here are the 13 things I think you have to do to get the full Cuban experience. […]

The one place you HAVE to eat at in Havana!

My absolute favorite meal during my time in Havana came while dining at La Guarida, a paladar! The restaurant is located in a massive multifamily building with gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows and a few staircases that would make any architecture-lover swoon. The walls are covered in chipped paint, which may sound as if the building is unkept, […]