Sweet Potato Pie with Maple Bourbon Pecan Topping // Thanksgiving Recipe

I love Thanksgiving! But what’s not to love? Everyone in your family gathering around a beautifully set table while enjoying dishes + recipes that have been passed down for generations. Still sad that this year is going to look completely different, but we’ve decided to try something new to add a little excitement to the […]

Picnicking Around Cola // Hotel Trundle Experience

Even as COVID cases continue to rise, more and more people are beginning to feel COVID fatigue and are growing tired of the restrictions that have been put on us. While it’s important we find ways to make life feel normal, it’s still incredibly important to social distance + wear a mask! One of the […]

Dinner in the heart of Charleston // Gabrielle’s Fall Menu

Last week I had the pleasure of dinning under the stars in the heart of Charleston at Hotel Bennett’s restaurant Gabrielle. The weather was perfect, the conversation with some of my favorite Charlestonians was motivating, and the food was simply amazing. It was truly a memorable evening! Gabrielle, under the direction of Chef Michael Sichel, recently […]

Freshe Poke // Huger Street

Late last year a new restaurant opened on Huger Street. And thanks to its crisp white exterior and massive street-front windows, I couldn’t help but notice it every single day I’d drive pass. But what was less obvious to me was what exactly they were offering. Almost immediately after exterior renovations were complete, the name of the […]

Paladares // where to eat in Havana

There are two types of restaurants in Cuba: government-owned restaurants ..and paladares (or family-owned restaurants). While vacationing in Havana we tried to only dine at paladares so that we could get the most authentic experience as possible. But don’t get me wrong, a family-owned restaurant doesn’t mean you’re eating in someone’s kitchen. On the contrary, most […]

The one place you HAVE to eat at in Havana!

My absolute favorite meal during my time in Havana came while dining at La Guarida, a paladar! The restaurant is located in a massive multifamily building with gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows and a few staircases that would make any architecture-lover swoon. The walls are covered in chipped paint, which may sound as if the building is unkept, […]

If you only have a few hours in Aspen…

For me, Aspen has only ever been a day trip while on vacation in Vail so I can’t tell you where to stay, where to ski, or how to spend your evenings there. I can, however, tell you two VERY important things: where to shop + where to have lunch! If you only have a […]

The doughnut worth a wake up call // Chicago

When I heard there was a little doughnut shop in Chicago that had over an hour wait in the mornings, I was instantly intrigued. Like most proud Americans, my love for doughnuts dates back to my childhood. But the truth is, I’ve never had artisanal doughnuts. The extent of my doughnut knowledge comes from Krispy Kreme when the […]

“I’ll take a Michelin star (or 2) for lunch, please…” // Chicago

Have you ever wanted to try a prestigious Michelin starred restaurant, but didn’t want to pay the hefty price tag that comes with it? If so, your best option is to try to get in for lunch! Although it will still be way more expensive than a Chick-fil-a sandwich combo, it can end up being […]

The BEST restaurant in the world, no really // The French Laundry

There is no better feeling than being able to check something off of your bucket list! While on my latest trip to Napa, I did just that. I was finally able to dine at THE French Laundry. You know…that world famous restaurant that has received like every honor & accolade imaginable and takes months to get a […]